Development and Refurbishment – 90% Loan to all Costs available – Terms available for Professional Developers & First-time Builders
Commercial Mortgages – Up to 82% LTV (100% in specific cases) Rates start at 1.90% over base rate. Terms up to 30 years with Interest-Only Options
Bridging and Short-term Finance – Short-term from 0.42% pcm (min 24 months) – Bridging Rates available from 0.43% pcm – Available for Auction Purchases

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All of them!  We are whole of market with direct access to over 150 lenders.

Usually to save time and money! The range of options for commercial and business finance can be bewildering and your own bank is often not the best choice. You may not have direct access to, or even be aware of, the best funder for your needs. Good brokers are handling cases and speaking with lenders every day, so will usually know very quickly what the best finance solution will be, the best finance provider for you, and the best terms they will be able to negotiate on your behalf.

Specialism and expertise – commercial finance is all we do. We don’t provide general financial or residential mortgage advice, but leave that to the type of experts detailed above. An experienced commercial broker can be the key to not only getting the best possible terms but often to getting finance at all. Applicants often have just one opportunity to make that vital impression with a lender so it is vital the application is presented in the correct format, contains all the necessary information and is presented in the best possible light so as to stand the best possible chance of approval.

Broadly speaking, genuine commercial brokers will choose and negotiate the best financial solution from the entire funding market, which is currently over 150 lenders of all types. Packagers tend to operate a ‘panel’ of lenders which can consist of as few as three or four options.

This is affected by many factors including your own circumstances and the type of finance you need. Bridging and short term finance can be concluded in a few days in certain circumstances, whereas more traditional commercial finance more typically takes several weeks from first enquiry to you receiving your funds. We can obtain a written funding approval subject to survey from some lenders in as little as an hour, however timescales after that are dependent upon external factors such as valuation and the legal process. A good commercial broker will also assist you in managing your case right through to completion – our job isn’t finished just because the lender has approved your finance!

Generally speaking, yes for property purchases, however where you already own the subject property some lenders will allow their own solicitors to do all the work so you do not need to engage your own as well. There are some exceptions, which we will discuss with you if and when it is necessary. Some forms of cashflow finance where there is no property included do not require a solicitor’s involvement.

That depends very much on the type of finance you are looking for and the lender we choose as being the best one for your circumstances. To get the best possible loan terms you will need to provide at least appropriate evidence of income and copy bank statements, but these are not always necessary.

Usually not. Unlike many residential mortgage and buy to let companies, our commercial lenders will generally require only that you evidence your ability to cover day to day living expenses, and your partner’s or spouse’s income can be taken into consideration for that even if they are not part of the finance application.

Not necessarily. We can use lenders who, unlike many residential mortgage funders, will take account of the reasons for any past issues and your history since then. There are even still a few ‘non-status’ lenders if there is no other alternative.

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