Development and Refurbishment – 90% Loan to all Costs available – Terms available for Professional Developers & First-time Builders
Commercial Mortgages – Up to 82% LTV (100% in specific cases) Rates start at 1.90% over base rate. Terms up to 30 years with Interest-Only Options
Bridging and Short-term Finance – Short-term from 0.42% pcm (min 24 months) – Bridging Rates available from 0.43% pcm – Available for Auction Purchases

Secured Loans

Specialist advice from Omega

Secured Loans are an established way of raising money for just about any purpose.

Lenders take a second charge over a main residence or buy to let property, and provide a new loan with the existing mortgage staying where it is.

  • High early repayment fees on the current mortgage
  • A low rate on the existing mortgage that the borrower wishes to keep
  • Recent credit problems mean remortgaging is not an option. Even if remortgage is possible, a smaller secured loan may still work out cheaper.
  • The borrower simply wants a loan separate from their mortgage
  • The borrower wants to repay the secured loan sooner than the main mortgage
  • The borrower needs funds more quickly than is possible with a full remortgage
  • Remortgage is not possible for other reasons

Secured Loans can be used for most legal purposes including:


University fees

New cars or holidays

Consolidating other debts

Property improvements

Tax bills

Cosmetic surgery

Purchasing another property

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